My Advice

My advice to those who are entering grade 10 this year is to never try to fit in with everyone. Always try to stand outside of the crowd. Don’t be too quick to judge. Don’t value first impressions highly. Don’t dismiss a person or idea too early just because you immediately get a bad impression from it. You will miss many opportunities because something seems bad at first impression, doesn’t mean it is bad. Try to give everything a fair chance. Don’t hold grudges because it is intended to hurt the others, but it hurts you equally. Spending your high school years focusing on the tension between you and another person is not pleasant. Don’t get into drama. If the problem doesn’t involve you, don’t get involved. As tempting as it seems to get in a conflict, mediate, take sides, and try to resolve it, it just isn’t worth it. It may give you enemies, it is a huge waste of time, and it produces no benefits for you. Have respect for authority no matter how much you may dislike them at the time, just remember that parents and teachers care about you and are only doing their job. Don’t be a victim of fads wearing the latest fashion, getting the newest electronics, getting a popular haircut and so on. Fads don’t matter in a few months and they are not in your interest – only in the interest of giant corporations who market to the masses. Don’t try to please everybody because there is no way you can please everybody or get everybody to agree with you. But one thing that is mostly important I can give advice to you about high school is… hard work pays off and attendance. Be sure to be at school every day and do your best. Don’t worry about others in your class. They won’t get you far in life. Only you can get far in your own life.

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